Quotes Started attending Olena's classes as a trial but I instantly liked her style - she is capable of adapting moves and songs in tune with students' abilities. It shows she is knowledgeable and a professional. She also manages to keep the rhythm flowing and appealing Quotes

Quotes I LOVE Olena's classes ! she makes zumba fun and easy to follow !!! well done for giving the best classes in malta xx Quotes

Quotes I went to many zumba classes with other teachers but Olena for me is the best, she is kind and sweet. Her classes are fun and easy to follow :) worth trying x Quotes
Deanna Camilleri

Quotes I ve been attending olena s classessince 2011 . I reaally enjoy them since zumba helps you stay in shape whilst having fun.... Quotes
Claudette Borg Carbone

Quotes I really do have fun and enjoy myself during all sessions. The only thing is that sometimes it is a bit crowded... Even though, you are my first Zumba instructor I'm sure that you are one of the best Keep it up and thank you Quotes
Candy Spiteri

Quotes I enjoy the fast songs more than the slow ones..(currently falling in love with the boxing song), i also really enjoy the stretching it makes it different than the rest since its still integrated in a dance. I think its more effective when we repeat a certain step for a number of times then having a song with alot of different steps cause its easier to pick up. Well done i really enjoy it Quotes
Maria Gilson

Quotes n continuous with my fellow Zumba mates, I enjoy Olena's Zumba classes. I've been attending for these 2 and a half years now. Olena was my first and only instructor and I would never change her with anyone else. She is continuously explaining and helping us out. Besides that, she is also a great mentor and a friend. She does Zumba classes very enjoyable: explains new choreography together with new released songs. Her class is always full since everyone wants to join in with her. Quotes
Sabrina Taylor

Quotes Olena makes zumba classes great! She is very creative in her moves and always tries to make classes fun and full of energy! Keep it up! Quotes
Ginea Micallef

Quotes started zumba classes with olena years ago ,its so fun and she is so caring. i found them very helpful. Quotes
Josette Dalli

Quotes Glad I finally found a sport which is fun and not monotonous. Olena sure makes working out fun and interesting!! Happy she's going to continue giving lessons and sure am looking forward to continue attending her lessons, she's an awesome instructor and highly recommended to anyone who would like to try out zumba, can assure you once you try it you'll be hooked! Thanks loads Ol! =D xxxx Quotes
Lara Buttigieg